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We help practitioners spread their message in new, creative ways.


You’re ready to evolve as a practitioner.

If uncertainty, busyness, or a lack of skill in graphic design is holding you back, you’re in the right place…


Get Recognized


Your talent and vision make you an awesome practitioner. But are they enough to help you achieve your big-picture business goals?

If you’re ready put yourself out there and achieve the success you’ve always dreamt of, we can help you:

  • clarify what makes you unique

  • build a brand that tells the story of your strengths

  • visualize your healing message from the inside out


Let us help


Our services will help you grow or expand your identity as a practitioner in ways that are unique, creative, and innovative.

We’ll work with you to clarify your story, then translate your healing message into an authentic and cohesive visual brand that stays true to you regardless of how much your business evolves.


What We Offer



Create a rockin’ visual representation for your practice that’s as authentic and awesome as you are! Design a new logo, website, or business card from scratch. OR revamp your existing brand.


Graphic Design

Keep your practice’s identity fresh, cohesive, and consistent across multiple platforms. Whether it's custom animations, print materials, social media, or digital marketing content... we've got you covered!

Brené Workshops

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, our workshops will help you embrace your authentic self and build resiliency toward fear, shame, self doubt, and perfectionism.



We're Kim and Justin, a husband and wife team with 15+ years experience in psychology, business, and graphic design.

We're on a mission to give therapists the confidence and tools they need to make their practices or projects go from awesome to epic!


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